Thursday, July 28, 2011

Go West!

Described as Seventies American meets Calamity Jane, Navajo and the American west was the featured trend in the February 2011 issue of Show Daily publication, WWDMAGIC. This trend can be seen all over the retail scene from friendship bracelets and feathered accessories, to fringed garments, to denim and suede apparel mixed with desert hues and vibrant color palettes. It's such an easy look to incorporate into your wardrobe because of the mix and match ability of the elements of this trend. Many of the same details of this Navajo look are found in the Bohemian trend as well. Lace, denim, fringe, corsets, etc., all flow easily between the two looks. The tribal elements play a role as well in the form of the bold American Indian and Aztecan prints and designs. Designers like Ralph Lauren have been doing this look for years--casual, comfortable, American cowboy out west. It's a modern classic.

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