Monday, December 9, 2013

Arm Knitting Craze

There's a hot trend for winter that seems to be a favorite craft amongst Millennials: Arm Knitting! Have you heard of it? No knitting needles required—all Millennials need are their own two hands and about 30-minutes to spare to create the chunky knit scarf of the season.  
Arm knitting is a growing trend, with over 300 boutiques on Etsy selling knitted goods made using this method. According to The Wall Street Journal, the technique combines several things that are appealing to Millennials: crafts projects, chunky knitwear (featured on the fall 2013 runways), social media and instant gratification. Unlike traditional knitting, which has been passed down from generation to generation, the arm knitting craze has gone viral--you can find info and inspiration on Pinterest and YouTube, where there are a plethora of tutorial videos that are easy to follow.  
Before you know it you'll be an expert at the quickest way to make a chunky scarf, and you'll be on trend, too!


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