Friday, June 29, 2012

Chasing UFO's: The Truth Is Out There!

The truth is out there...........

And the National Geographic Channel is bringing it to you tonight! Chasing UFOs is a new series beginning tonight at 10pm, Pacific time. Here's the scoop: A team of trained investigators sets out to uncover the truth about UFOs. But they’re not just looking for more stories on extraterrestrial activity—they want answers. Risking it all, this team of scientists and UFO researchers investigate and dissect some of the most mysterious sightings on the planet to unearth stunning new evidence. The data they collect on these adventures paints an entirely new picture of what we know about these strange lights in the sky.
Here's why I'm excited! The first episode deals with us here in central California. Residents here fear they are being watched after witnessing unusual objects patrolling the night skies. Some say the government is using alien aircraft to spy on citizens. 
I'm not sure where I stand when it comes to aliens, but I am willing to consider the possibility within the context of a compelling story. I hope this show doesn't turn out to be one of those 'Celebrity Ghost Story' type shows that promises scares and doesn't deliver. Here's a preview: 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Patriotic Projects You Can DIY

I'm going to start with a disclaimer: none of these patriotic garments is a DIY project - they all can be bought at whatever retail store they are sold at. But here's the deal... WHY BUY WHEN YOU CAN DIY? These all look handmade but they cost way more than if you made them yourself. Let's get inspired by what's out there selling in our favorite stores, but let's make our own!

 Flag biker jacket from Topshop
You can make it using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and a star stencil.
 Dip-dye top by Lucky Brand
You can make this by dipping your white tee into Tulip One-Step Tie Dye. So simple!

 Festival top by Lucky Brand
You can paint this by cutting out stars and ironing them on. All you need are Tulip Fashion Glitter Sheets, a star template, an iron, and a pair of scissors.

 Flag printed shorts from Topshop
You can make this using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and a star stencil. If you don't have a steady hand to paint stripes, use painters tape.

 Heart flag tunic by Free People
You can make this using Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Fabric Paint, a star template, and painters tape to make stripes.

 Flag tee shirt by Lucky Brand
You can make this using Tulip Fabric Spray, some tape and some star stickers -- just spray right over the top of the tape and stickers with paint, then remove to reveal your patriotic design.

 Patchwork denim shorts from Urban Outfitters
Create these by cutting up old denim to make square patches. Fray the edges and use Aleene's Fabric Glue to apply them to your rockin' festival-inspired shorts! How easy is that?!

Okay, so these tie-dye shoes from Urban Outfitters might be less than DIY-able, but they are really cool and would look great with any of the Independence Day DIY's you may be wearing!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Craft Wars Review

Well, did you tune in to Craft Wars??? I did. I really wanted to LOVE it, but I wasn't all that impressed. I thought the first challenge was a little tough - making a functional and trendy gym bag using among other things, cheer leading uniforms and various sports equipment. They had one hour to plan and execute it. At the judging, the critiques from the panel of judges were not helpful. They said things like "you should have sewn instead of glued that racket to the bottom" and "your bag is trendy but poorly constructed" or the best was when one of the judges said one of the bags 'wasn't practical'. Really? What do they expect from these people when they only have an hour and they have to use plastic balls, ballet slippers and footballs as part of their challenge? I didn't want to see a craft train wreck, I wanted to be inspired. Plus, I think Tori Spelling (whom I love!) was a less enthusiastic version of Tim Gunn (whom I also love!) from Project Runway. I wanted to see more of Tori and hear her input since she is a lifelong crafter. But instead she was reduced to the role of facilitator. Craft Wars, if you are listening.....I want to see better quality projects so we crafters can be inspired to shop even more at Michael's and buy the same products we see the contestants using. And please, more Tori! She's amazing!

Readers, if you watched the show, what did you think??? 
Am I being too harsh?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In My Opinion Teens are Going to LOVE this!

If you are a teen girl (or guy), or want to get inside their heads (sounds interesting!), then LISTEN UP:  there's a new show called IMO (stands for In My Opinion) you're gonna want to tune into. IMO is the first-ever daily talk show for teens airing on AwesomenessTV. It just launched on June 21, and offers tips on everything from the hottest fashion trends, dating, texting and make-up to the latest celebrity news and reviews. IMO features Gracie Dzienny, YouTube star Bethany Mota (AKA MacBarbie07), and Twitter star Meaghan Downling as hosts plus guest hosts Ciara Bravo, Daniella Monet, and Michala Blanks.

Craft Wars!

Tonight is the big night! CRAFT WARS is premiering on TLC. 
Let's all check it out and see if we love it.

On the home front... We are still getting use to our new beast of a dog, Harlow. She is the sweetest thing, but because she is only a year old she tends to knock things over, chew up bike seats [not cool in a house of boys], and try to get up on our laps. Gabby has yet to make up her mind as to whether this dog will be her friend or foe. Gabby tends to take cover under our chairs where she sits, flat-eared and watches Harlow romp around the yard. She seems to say, Will things ever be the same?!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton

Happy Friday, everyone!  This morning I was reading through several fashion magazines that pile up on my desk each week, looking for what I call 'threads'. Threads are trend indicators, not necessarily full blown trends that often flood the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, and Glamour, to name a few. I like to look for these threads that create a tapestry that will form a trend down the road. While flipping through the July issue of Marie Claire I was drawn to a page with lots of polka dots. Polka dots are a great classic trend modernized each season by changing up the scale or the color palette. But this was not just another trend compilation featuring a seasonless trend. Not at all! Here, Louis Vuitton collaborates with 82-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, known for her love of polka dots, for the fall 2012 collection. What caught my eye as much as the artsy dots was the quote by the artist herself. Yayoi Kusama says,

"I love painting so much that nothing else matters."

 The artist, Yayoi Kusama

I can tell she means it! Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton will include ready-to-wear, handbags, accessories, shoes, watches and jewelry. Watch for the fabulous window displays in early July.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crazy Town

It's already past mid-June...REALLY!?  Time sure flies when you work full time and have kids....when you have too much on your plate....and when you are suppose to be blogging on a regular basis but life gets in the way.
It's been crazy town this past week. A week ago Wednesday morning my husband smacked the front of his head by accident. I encouraged him to call our doctor, but he downplayed the injury and wouldn't go--that is, until Friday. By Friday he was so bruised his right eye had swollen shut! After spending 8-hours  at the hospital ER getting a CAT scan, all turned out to be fine. It could have been so much worse....everyone who saw him thought he probably had a fractured skull based on his 'raccoon eyes'. By the following Monday he didn't look like an extra on Zombieland anymore, and he figured he could venture back out into the world without scaring small children.

On Tuesday we got a new dog. We really wanted and needed a big dog to guard our yard since we had our last outdoor dog, Phoebe, put down late last year. We searched Craig's List for a 'teenage' dog--you know, not quite a puppy, but not too set in her ways either. We settled on 1-year-old Harlow, an American Bulldog. She's very happy--just look at that tail!  She has a lot of energy! Our Boston Terrier does not think very highly of her, but we are hoping that will change. We are settling in, getting to know each other. We start obedience class on Friday. I think it will be an interesting ride.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fairy Tale Trend

Pop culture and fashion are finding inspiration from the dark romantic fairy tale stories that mix elements of magic, danger, and beauty to create an enchanting look. The rising popularity of dark fairy tales follow the success of the "Twilight” saga and other series like it, which transcends real and supernatural worlds. From television shows like Grimm and Once Upon A Time, to the latest movies like Snow White and the Huntsman, Dark Shadows, and Mirror Mirror, modern fairy tales help us escape from the darkness of the real world to the fantasy world of make believe.    

Snow White and the Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit by Benefit

Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Craft Wars"

I just love Tori Spelling. Yes, I am a fan. I think I've talked about her here before, but I am doing it again because she has some exciting craft news! She recently announced that she has a new show on TLC called "Craft Wars". I have to give her a shout out because a) she LOVES to craft, and b) she uses our products from time to time, and they show up on her blog. Tori says this about crafting and her new show which premieres June 26th, 
 I love how crafting gives you the opportunity to really express yourself and show your creativity. It's an amazing outlet and nothing shows love more than something homemade. I can't wait to share my passion and be inspired by all the amazing contestants on “Craft Wars.” 
So be sure and watch! I will be.

Aztec Print

One of my favorite trends this spring/summer has to be the tribal/Aztec print. What I love about it this season is the way it has been incorporated with other fashion trends, like florals, neons, and the bohemian look. The result is a more feminized way to go global. The lines are softer, blurred; the fabrics are light and billowy. These examples are from Free People, Anthropologie, and Forever 21.

Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This... created an easy to make tee shirt inspired by the Aztec trend.


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