Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Equestrian Trend

I've been noticing it for awhile now. The morphing of the western trend - with denim, lace and leather corsets, boots and cowgirl accessories - into a more luxurious, blue-blood style that is the equestrian trend. They are both distinct looks but they do share common threads, too. What's so curious about trend watching is that you really do see the tapestry of styles that weave in and out of one another creating a new trend inspired by another. The western trend is full of the influences from other trends - the Navajo print is an American version of the tribal trend; the camel color palette is a spin-off from the neutral palettes, which are a response to the dismal economy and the war in Iraq; the British Invasion trend brings us the 'Dandy' trend - menswear for women, and the equestrian trend. Here's what I've been seeing in September and October:This is Anthropologie's September catalog. Horses and western images can be seen throughout, even if the fashion itself is not western influenced. Here, Elle magazine gives us a definite equestrian look with riding-inspired pieces for your wardrobe.


Timeship said...

Excellent outfit! I'm co-writing a story about Sherlock Holmes, in which a lady is dressed in custom-made equestrian outfit with army britches, etc., and that's how I found your fashion style. Thank you so much, these pictures are really inspirational in my line of work. Godspeed!

The Trend Spot said...

Glad you were inspired!


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