Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trend Talk: Antlers

You know how some blogs or fashion emails will send out a message saying, "Trend Alert!", followed by whatever it is they are trying to make you aware of....anyway, this is not one of those. This is more of a 'Hey, let's talk about this trendy thing I see happening...' So here I am talking about antlers. I've been noticing antlers in a peripheral kind of way for probably three years now. When I say 'noticing' I mean that they are showing up in places and in ways you wouldn't expect to see them. Here's some examples:

I was flipping through a catalog from Anthropologie and this chalk-drawn deer head on the blackboard caught my eye. I thought the blackboard as a background was fabulous, too. See more blackboard backgrounds here.Here's the always stylish Mary-Kate Olsen wearing antlers for her Marie Claire photo shoot. Could antlers be the next headband? Hair accessories are hotter than ever. Why not get nature-inspired and sport some antlers? Topshop also featured antlers as head gear in their fall runway collection.This is actress Lea Michele of 'Glee' hanging onto an antler during a photo shoot. I adore these paper deer heads by Ruby's Lounge on Etsy. Looks like all I may need to DIY something similar to this is a paper mache deer head (those are just lying around!), some chic paper and some Tulip Collage Pauge glue.
And, of course, you can't have a fringe trend without Lady Gaga's participation. The is the antler wearing Gaga in London back in December 2009.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mermaid's Tears

I love sea glass....I love wandering on the beach, looking intently for the sea's treasure, spotting little bits of colored glass and pocketing them as I go. Last Sunday I opened up the morning paper, savoring my cup of coffee and my 'alone' time before my boys and the dog wake up, and came across this article about sea glass in Parade Magazine. The writer, Stephen Fried, tells us that while there is less of it on beaches than ever before--because of recycling, sand replenishment, and rising water levels--interest in collecting "mermaid's tears" has only grown in intensity. To get to the best sites, extreme glassers will do whatever it takes--hike for hours, jet-ski long distances, even rappel down cliffs--to find the glass. Individual pieces may sell for several hundred dollars, and jewelry made from seaglass can fetch even more. I love my sea glass ring that I purchased when I was in Pacific Grove a few months ago.

Sea Glass Guide
* Greens and browns are common. * Blues are harder to find — but not impossible: Cobalt or cornflower blues crop up once in every 250–500 pieces. * Aqua and seafoam are rarer. * Most purples were originally clear; the manganese in them slowly oxidized into the rarer hue. * Glassing holy grails: true yellows, oranges, and the beloved — and ultra-scarce — red.


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