Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cat String Lights

I saw this Halloween DIY project on the Urban Outfitters blog and just had to share it. I love it! Click HERE for the complete tutorial.

Something Blue

In the last two days I've have two emails alerting me to a top trend color for weddings for 2015: Blue. Cobalt weddings are on the trend radar on Etsy's blog, and BHLDN, Anthropologies' wedding site, is calling out various shades of blue for bridesmaids dresses. If you are planning a wedding in 2015, you may want your 'something blue' to be color theme.



Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pop of Pottery

I was flipping through the fall 2014 Cloth Paper Scissors Studios magazine recently and absolutely was knocked over by this photograph of the pottery from Luna Garcia Pottery. It is so visually appealing! While each of these pieces are individually beautiful, when presented in a grouping like this, they make such a strong and dramatic statement! Great eye candy!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Leather Fringe

The 70s... one of my favorite decades for fashion is making another appearance. Hotter than ever is the bohemian style that includes flowing dresses, moccasin boots, tie-dye, and leather fringe. The runways at Milan's Spring 2015 Fashion Week were all about the 1970s and music festival dressing.
Leather fringe accessories can be found at retailer like Free People and Etsy, while P.S. I Made This... gives a tutorial for creating your own leather skirt.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hair Tapestry Trend

This is the perfect example of taking one trend and pairing it with another. (1) The fiber arts trend - weaving, knitting, crochet, macramé, etc., - is hot for the home. (2) Women are increasingly incorporating artful decorations to their crowning glory. Put these two together, and POOF! Hair tapestries...

Created by Bleach London hair guru Alex Brownsell, hair tapestry blends together traditional hair wrapping with woven techniques from friendship bracelets and loom bands.

Friday, August 15, 2014

How the Sun Sees You

I am a white girl. I mean really white. Pink, really. In 2007, I had a funky freckle on my upper arm that led me to a dermatologist. I found out it was stage 1 Melanoma. I had it removed, and have worn sunblock religiously since then. If you don't think you are damaging your skin by exposing it to the sun, think again. This video is amazing! I hope it will inspire you to wear your sunblock!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Hand-Painted Burberry

I love hand-painted fabric and leather, and when I saw the bag (above) by Burberry for fall 2014, I fell in love. Burberry has an entire line of hand-painted garments, shoes, and bags that are available for the artsy sort. I am not sure that I love them all - some seem to be painted a bit amateurish and in less than exciting palettes. In fact, I wish they would have just left the alligator bag in it's original state. I mean, it seems rather disrespectful to the gator who looks like he got tagged and spray painted before leaving the swamp. And now he is a bag that sells for (GULP!) $37k. No, I am not kidding!
Overall, it's a gutsy move to put paint on such expensive substrates. We sell fabric paint, and I've watched people struggle to muster up the guts to paint a t-shirt. (Why is it so scary to commit?) What do you think?



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