Monday, June 6, 2011

Americana Trend & DIY Project

In case you haven't noticed there are a number of trends that are happening and evolving all at the same time, that are like pieces to a puzzle, coming together. Americana -- taking pride in our American heritage -- is a movement that is being seen on the runways and across all markets. It's not so much about waving the American flag or wearing red, white and blue (although that is a part of it) -- it's about brands returning to what defined them in the beginning; it's about authenticity and value; and its about nostalgia and tradition. The interest in handcrafts like crochet and macrame, canning and even urban gardening have their roots in American tradition. As part of the huge tribal trend, the Native American prints, textures, and colors are having a heavy influence on the fashion and interior decor markets. Brands like Ralph Lauren continue to provide vintage style with a modern Americana feel. Rodarte brings us patchwork patterns on the Fall runway, reminding us of a simpler life where materials were reclaimed and reused to make something new. And of course, denim is always at the heart of American fashion. Denim fabrics in all kinds of finishes, and in combinations with other fabrics like leather and lace rule.My project is a combination of reclaimed denim and the classic American white tank or tee-shirt. It's perfect for the July 4th holiday, and for celebrating all that America represents.
Here's what you'll need:Tulip One-Step Dye - Red
Aleene's Fabric Fusion adhesive
A scrap piece of denim
A star template made from paper
A pencil, marker or white chalk pencil
A foam brush
A small cup

Here's how you make your Americana-inspired top:

Draw and cut out a star(s) from a piece of paper. Place the star template on the denim scrap and trace with a pencil. Cut out the denim star and set aside. (You may wish to distress the star by pulling some of the threads along the edges.)Following the dye instructions on the Tulip One Step Dye box, mix water with your color and add some of the dye to a small cup.
Dampen the white tank with water and squeeze out the excess--it should be damp, not wet. Lay the tank top on flat covered surface and smooth it out in preparation for the dye application.

Dip the sponge brush into the dye in the cup and begin to apply it across the tank starting at the very bottom. The dye will soak through so don't worry about painting the backside. Leave about 2"-3" between each stripe.
The stripes will bleed a bit, creating a handmade irregular stripe. Continue to make as many stripes as you like. Be sure to follow the dye instructions for allowing dye to sit before rinsing and washing.After the tank has been thoroughly rinsed, washed, and dried, use the Aleene's Fabric Fusion to adhere the denim stars. Let dry 2-4 hours before wearing, and 48 hours before washing.

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Andee said...

I love this! And I love that my kids can help with it. Thanks!


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