Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Art Objects by Tamara Hensick

Sometimes an object can convey a simple yet profound message in a way that just words alone cannot. Artist Tamara Hensick makes these diminutive pewter sculptures by hand with messages to inspire, encourage and send out all kinds of feel good vibes!!! When I came across these on The Grommet I absolutely fell in lust with them. Doesn't everyone need a (very cool) reminder to stay the course, reach high, be courageous and to aim for the stars?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Celebrities and Spring Dye Trends

Spring is here and it's festival season too. What better time to get a little wild with your hair? Celebrities are dyeing their hair (Tori Spelling even dyed her dog's fur along with the Easter eggs) in the latest HOT colors. The mermaid trend is all about turquoise hair, preferably long and flowing, while pastel and bright pink are debuting on famous heads as well. Do you dare?



Line of Sight

John Bramblitt is a painter. He is also a blind artistic spirit. Blinded by epilepsy at age 11, Bramblitt has learned to "see" the world around him and translate it into glorious, colorful images. He uses Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint to guide him. His story is inspirational and his art is awesome!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Anthropologies Color Wheel Windows

I love that Anthropologie is using the color wheel as inspiration for its Spring 2015 store windows. Here are some of my favorites...
San Antonio, TX 
Cambridge, MA
Canoga Park, CA
Glendale, CA 

Mesa, AZ

Montclair, NJ

New York, NY


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