Monday, April 21, 2014

Colored Pencil Jewelry

Stumbled across this amazing jewelry made from colored pencils by designer Maria Cristina BellucciLOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Now I want to go home and gather my Prismacolors and make something. Perhaps if I cluster them together, close my eyes, tap my heels, and make a wish they will turn into something as beautiful as these.



Friday, April 18, 2014

Faberge Big Egg Hunt

 Love this! Wish I were on the east coast to participate. Spring has sprung in NYC with the 2014 edition of the FabergĂ© Big Egg Hunt.This year the event is showcasing some of NYC’s most renowned street artists and Tattooists together with their global counterparts within ‘The Street Art Collection’ and Artists such as Jeff Koons and Tracy Emin exhibit their creations alongside fashion designers, photographers, and other inspirational creatives. Check out more of the eggy exhibits, and ponder the possibility of owning one of these unique masterpieces here.


The Power of a Slogan

I came across this saying while perusing Apartment Therapy and it stopped me in my tracks. Literally. It's not a new concept. Heck, I've read it many times before and heard it said to me on more than one occasion. But for some reason, today it stopped me. Do what you love every day. It makes me question how I use my time, my words, my energy... Do I do what I love even once a week? Once a month? And what is it that I truly love to do? Is this about my job or does it refer to my entire mindset about even the little things I do? And why did this commonly known phrase have such an impact on me today? I need to take a deep breath and meditate on this because when something you've seen a thousand times stops you and speaks to you, you must find out why.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fashion-Inspired Easter Eggs

Just had to share these fashion-inspired Easter eggs posted on the Le Fashion blog on WhoWhatWear. Tips for making these super stylish and trendy eggs can be found here.


Photos by StyleCaster

Friday, April 11, 2014

Artful Eggs

Watercolor eggs

Eggs created using rubber cement and dye

Metallic finish eggs

 Eggs drizzled with butter and dyed for a mottled look
Ombre dyed eggs

 Striped and plaid eggs using tape

 Fabric strips adhered to plastic eggs

Crayon remnants melted and dripped on eggs
See more inspiration for creating artful eggs for Easter.

Monday, April 7, 2014

At Face Value

Crowd shots from the Paris Fashion Show in April 2014 show the trend of faces on clothing. The video details fashion as wearable art from the designers presenting at the show.
Source: The New York Times/Style/Bill Cunningham: On the Street At Face Value



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