Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I am getting ready for a much needed 3 day weekend this Memorial Day. The weather is perfect--around 70 degrees--and there are a lot of things to do, although taking a break is definitely on my list. Here's how I plan to spend my weekend: Tonight my family and I will most likely head over to the Farmer's Market in Old Town Clovis held every Friday evening. This is why I LOVE living in the Central Valley--we grow the best produce in the world and it's all fresh and delicious. My brother and his family live in Colorado Springs, and they just don't have easy access to the kinds of wonderful summer foods like we grow here. Of course, they have fresh air and beautiful views of the mountains. So it's all a trade off. I also really want to see the move, Water For Elephants. I read the book when it first came out and loved it. I think the movie will be awesome. It probably won't happen this weekend because the whole family also wants to see Kung Fu Panda 2. On Sunday, we may head back over to Old Town Clovis because it is time for the Antique & Collectible Fair that is so much fun. We always end up with some treasures--I find pieces of jewelry for refashioning, and my guys usually pick up a pocket knife or tool of some kind. On Monday...........maybe a barbecue or a drive to the lake. Who knows??? That's what is so great about having a long weekend before me. I can do anything I want!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

American Idol Finale - The Thrill is Gone!

I will tune in, but not enthusiastically. I miss Haley and Casey, my two favorites. My hope is that they'll get married and produce some growling super singers for American Idol 2025. So my prediction for the big Idol winner is: Scotty or Lauren. They're interchangeable, either or. I have to go to Boy Scouts tonight so I don't get to watch the show live. Without Haley in the top two the show has lost it's edge for me. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Big snooze!

Tulip Tie-Dye & Debby Ryan's 18th Birthday Party!

Exciting happenings over last weekend! Debby Ryan -- known for her roles as Bailey Pickett on Disney's "The Suite Life on Deck" and as 'Abby' in her television film "16 Wishes" -- LOVES tie-dye. As part of a surprise activity for her 18th birthday, iLTC was invited to bring Tulip tie-dye products to her celebrity packed birthday party. Allee and Regan, our iLoveToCreate tie-dye experts, were more than eager to share all their tie-dye and design expertise with Debby and her friends. Regan made this cool dress and scarf to wear for the big night using Tulip fashion dyes. Allee and Regan packed our van with all kinds of creative goodies, plus blank tees, tanks, and scarves--and headed for Backside Records in Burbank to attend the event.

Here are some pics from the party:Looks like Debby and her friends had a blast! Happy Birthday, Debby!Here's an inspiring thought: throw your own Tulip Tie-Dye Party to celebrate your special events. It's easy, fun and affordable with these kits.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chokers For Fall

It's been said that the choker necklace may have began as a fashion statement started by the young ladies of France in response to the French Revolution. It seems these female expatriots wore red ribbons tied at their throats to symbolize those who perished at the guillotines, and as a testament to their own narrow escape. Gulp!For fall, designers are showing off their face-framing chic choker necklaces. says these neck toppers are not just for the runway. Expect to see chokers on the throats of the style-conscious women in your town. See more chokers at were fashionable in the 70's - check out Stevie Nicks - and have that rocker-chic/boho vibe that is so cool again.

My American Idol picks...

Last night we had to go shopping right after dinner to get my son some hiking boots and survival supplies because he (our family, really) joined the Boy Scouts and his first camp-out is this weekend. Anyway, we didn't get home until after America Idol started. Thank goodness for TiVo! My husband and I stayed up until after 11pm to watch it.

Here's my picks for home stretch:

Tonight, Lauren goes home. Sorry, Lauren, I still think your best song of the season was your audition, when you sang Steven Tyler's song. You were loose and vivacious and kinda wild-cute. You are still awesome, but you're my pick for #3.That leaves Haley and Scotty.............. Haley rocked last night! I mean, seriously, singing Led Zeppelin the way she did just nailed it for me. Haley, you deserve to be the 2011 American Idol. Having said that, Scotty could still take it, although I think he should be runner up. He hasn't really taken any big risks. He's never been in the bottom three. He's solid. He's a sweetheart. I like him. But I think Haley should win. We'll see.....................

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Dress Project

I love this concept: The Dress Project is a collection of hand-painted dresses in silks and cottons. The fabric is painted the same way an artist might paint a large canvas. Artist Naomi Clark tells a story through her abstract and energetic scenes on the entire length of the yardage. Then the material is cut and fashioned into a dress.

Dyed in the Worm

This really is 'news of the weird' but I find it so intriguing and I want to share it. I read an article in the New York Times about researchers in Singapore who fed chemical dyes to silkworms in order to yield a fluorescent silk, thus eliminating the dye process that creates polluted wastewater. The pink silkworm above was reportedly fed a diet of mulberries and fluorescent dye. The coloring process doesn't modify the worms' genes--it just gives them a chemical cocktail that makes them product colorful silk. This could have medical uses as well. According to New Scientist this method could also be used to dope silks with other materials, like antibacterial properties so they could be used a wound dressings. Amazing!

Friday, May 13, 2011


I am so glad it is Friday! It's been a long week and I am looking forward to the weekend. My plans for Saturday are to attend a women's brunch I was invited to by my wonderful neighbor,and then go have a long overdue massage in the afternoon. What a relaxing treat! I will close my eyes and think of someplace magical like this.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trendspot Inspiration

Want to be inspired by some of the greatest artists in history? You can view their artwork and visit some of the top museums in the world with the Google Art Project. It's easy! Select a museum from the home page, and select either 'Explore the Museum' or 'View Artwork'. You can even create and share your own collections online. Get more here.

1 Big Storm, 2 Kids, 3 Ducks

Yesterday we experienced quite the storm......lots of hail, pelting rain, thunder, lightning and winds that some would describe as almost tornado-like! Mind you, we were experiencing mid-90 degree weather just last week. I left work around 5pm and came home to children playing in a downed tree in our neighbors yard across the street. There were also ducks taking refuge on our front lawn. Not quite as exciting as this, but pretty big stuff for our neighborhood.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Hat Days

Between the royal wedding and the Kentucky Derby we're seen our share of big hats in the news lately. Is the next big reality show going to be Who Wants To Be A 'Millin-aire'? Will designing, creating and wearing head ornaments be the next big thing? Hats are always cool and often demand a great deal of confidence to pull them off. Worn well, they command attention and respect. Worn not so well, they can, well, turn your outfit into a hot mess. Here are some toppers from the Kentucky Derby and the royal wedding that really worked....

Mother's Day Weekend

Did everyone have a great Mother's Day? I must say I enjoyed my entire weekend with my family. We didn't do anything over the top or have a destination event planned like in the past. No, we basically hung out and did family stuff--we went shopping for summer clothes because it gets really hot, really fast here in Fresno and my boys have outgrown their shorts and tees from just a few months ago. We also hit Costco to restock our pantry and refrigerators. We did rent movies and we all enjoyed a barbecued meal on Sunday...yummy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Perfect Summer Color Palette

A bright pop of color is on trend for this summer! See the full color story here.

What do stylish moms wear?

Here's what WhoWhatWear Daily shows...................For more on this story click here. You may also subscribe to a daily dose of WhoWhatWear.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crackle Polish

I guess O.P.I. isn't the only one to come out with a crackle polish. The shatter effect is one of the hottest trends in nails and is no longer limited to Katy Perry's nail polish collection. What specialty finish will be next???

Urban Camouflage

When I attended Sourcing At MAGIC in February I picked up some info on a company named PHLAGE Urban Camouflage. I found their lookbook online and had to share. I think the photo styling is what makes the fashion garment so exciting to look at. My favorite pics are those that have the pop of color against a black & white background. See more here.


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