Friday, February 27, 2009

Reinventing Yourself After 40

Bad blogger! Bad blogger! I wish I could say I was away on a fabulous vacation but I wasn't. I 've been MIA because I've been so busy working on a huge trend report for my company. I finally finished it last night, right before I was due to go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. Check that off my list! Now it's back to all my other pressing duties, including blogging...

So, I said it was my birthday..........I am somewhat over 40-years-old, even though I think I am still in my early 30's. (Doesn't everyone feel this way?) I just recently began subscribing to MORE magazine, a mag for women like me. The February issue features the fabulous Emma Thompson on the cover, but it was the title of a featured article on the magazine cover that really struck a cord with me. It was all about reinventing yourself after 40. Why do women feel the need to reinvent? Why women over 40? What kind of reinventions are taking place? It may be as simple as changing your hairstyle, or as dramatic as leaving a corporate career to become a novelist. There are many reasons, really. The economy may be a big reason for this reinvention trend. I also think women over 40 are a demographic who are looking for more meaning and quality for the second half of their lives. They are taking their lives more personally than ever, after having had successful careers and raising their children.

I remember when I had to reinvent my life after I turned 40. I was a stay-at-home mom and my two sons were young - under 5-years-old - when my husband experienced a major health crisis that cost us our business and ended my plans for home-schooling my children. Mine was a forced reinvention. I did what I had to do.........I went back to work. While ours is an unconventional arrangement - although I have read that because of the economy more men than women are becoming unemployed, maybe we aren't so unconventional anymore - it works for us.
I must admit, though, that the idea of reinventing by choice is a dream I have. I can picture myself, creating art (maybe in a charming little coastal town - might as well dream BIG!), with 2-3 dogs, breathing at a much slower pace, not needing to surround myself with all the stuff that causes me to spend my weekends dusting and washing. My husband and my sons are there, too, but in the background of my dream.........watching me my reinvention.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our CHA Booth on Threadbanger!

Duncan Enterprises received a lot air time on Threadbanger. Wanna see our fabulous booth? Click here:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Couture Carriers

One of my favorite finds at the CHA show are the new couture carriers. These new multi-purpose craft totes, bags and wristlets look like designer pieces that could carry makeup brushes or paint brushes. They come in all the latest animal prints and trendy colors. It's a very clever concept, actually, creating hip bags and totes that can carry craft tools and supplies (whatever your craft preference may be) and that can do double duty carrying all your other incidentals. The booth that made me stop and take notice was Thermoweb. Within their booth was Mimi (Memories In Motion, Intl.). These bags are so new they are not even on their website yet, but trust me, you'll want one after you see them. Another vendor that has a similar offering is from stationery designer, Anna Griffin. She has cosmetic and lunch bags in leopard and zebra that are new. Makes me want to pack my lunch!


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