Tuesday, October 26, 2010

High School Reunion

Last Saturday night I attended my high school reunion at a fun restaurant with a breezy outdoor patio and bar. I hadn't been to the previous reunions for various reasons -- the first one I missed because I was in New York for work, and the second one I missed because I was throwing a big family party to celebrate my son's first birthday -- so I relented and decided to attend this one. I still see my best friends from school on a somewhat regular basis but I don't really run into anyone else, at least not that I know of. Or maybe I do but I don't recognize anybody...I must admit I was curious to see what the boys and girls I grew up with had become. Some of these kids had attended the same grade school as I had and so I've known many of them since I was 5-years old! I was nervous, too. Had I changed so much that no one would know me? Here's what happened... Three weeks prior to our reunion I was playing with my son and I did a move in my hallway that popped my knee. I almost hit the ground in pain. Yikes! What's up with that? As the days went on I was still dragging my leg, trying not to put any weight on my knee. Doing this caused my hips to be misaligned, causing low back pain. I was beginning to walk like the dead guy in Men In Black. Oh no! How am I going to appear taller and thinner than I am if I can't wear high heels, am not bending my leg, AND have to stand while leaning on one leg? Vanity was definitely starting to occupy my thoughts. I even thought about NOT going to my reunion if I wasn't better. Well, long story short, my knee is still not better and I may be facing surgery. And I did go to my reunion as planned - in flat suede boots. I had a great time seeing familiar faces and listening to the music from our high school days. Here we are celebrating a fabulous reunion.

Just an FYI, the black & white picture of two of my friends and me was taken at a football game on Halloween weekend when we were seniors in high school. We wore these large blow-up bobble head monsters with matching capes and tried to hop the fence to avoid paying to get into the game. We cleared the fence, but not security. The large heads were hard to miss! No worries. We paid and got into the game and got our picture taken for the yearbook.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Home Decor on a Budget

So, I'm flipping through the November issue of Marie Claire (Victoria Beckham is on the cover) and I see on page 66 Forces of Nature, decor that captures the beauty of the great outdoors.

What caught my eye was the dyed pillows from ABC Home. While they are quite beautiful they are also quite expensive. Seriously, $159 per pillow.Too rich for my blood -- especially when I know that I can make my own using Tulip Fashion Dye.
We even have a video

that teaches you how to use the Shibori technique like you see on these pricey pillows. Did you know that iLoveToCreate has a web feature, Pillow of the Month, where you can learn to create decorative pillows like this one: So don't just admire good style from afar, create it yourself for pennies on the dollar.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Urban Art

One of my favorite catalogs is Artful Home. I can't say that I have ever purchased anything from AH because I think they are pricey -- at least for me. However, I love so many of the things they carry because the items are pieces of art. My new favorites are these metal platters by artist Boris Bally, made from salvaged traffic signs and copper rivets. They have great urban appeal and look fabulous hung as a collection. They range from $440 to $700 each.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Heart of Haiti

Macy's has launched The Heart of Haiti home decor collection featuring the work of Haitian artists. The 20,000 items purchased by Macy's include vases, trays, sculptures, votives and more. Despite the devastating 2010 earthquake, Haitian artisans continue to turn raw materials into art that embodies their rich culture and history. These traditional, handcrafted treasures provide lifesaving income to the shattered communities they call home.

Halloween Favorites

I love the fall season with its pumpkin patches, farmer's markets, crisp cool evening air and the shorter days. My family and I don't celebrate Halloween specifically, but we definitely enjoy some of the creative ways the holiday is celebrated. Owls are still a trend motif, and what better way to celebrate the owl than during the Halloween season?
So here is my favorite owl ever! Really. I shared him last year on my blog and wanted to share him again because he is so macabre! His name is Chillingsworth by artist Ann Wood.

Vintage Halloween chenille ornaments from Old World Primitives - Etsy

Japanese Owl Buckets - Etsy - Perfect for gathering trick-or-treat goodies!

Halloween Tags from Tree Topper Crafts - Etsy

Spooky Owl Night Tulle Hostess Apron from Flappergirl - Etsy

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Textile Bags

So I am sitting at the Beehive Salon waiting for my hairdresser to wrap up her previous client so I can get my locks trimmed and I'm flipping through Lucky magazine, among others. I come across the Style Spy column and find these really cool, offbeat textile bags. Apparently, these exotically woven bags are making the rounds in Hollywood--only the Hollywood bags are super expensive so Style Spy tells us how to get the just-as-chic versions without going broke. Part boho girl, part tribal trend, these bags are a perfect accessory for all the neutral clothes and military attire that is so on trend this fall. Here's some of their picks:
Yucay Bag from the Peruvian ConnectionThe Andean Shoulder Cha'uspa Bag from shamansmarket.com
Wayuu Taya handwoven bucket bag from wayuutaya.net

Fashionably Pink

I will always love Coke over Pepsi. Sorry, Pepsi :) No hard feelings! Coke is simply the best. Here's another reason to tip back a cold one. It's so pretty! This limited edition Johnny Rocket diet Coke bottle is not just a bottle it's a fashion accessory. The new diet Coke bottle designed by the jewelry designer is vibrantly pink and shiny, and is encrusted with crystals in the shape of bow ties, pouty lips and flowers. It's every girls dream! I bet we could do this with our crystals, too!
Check out these ultra-sleek Coca-Cola concept bottles. I want to collect them all.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2010

Neiman Marcus unveiled it's 84th Christmas Book to reveal some of the most intriguing and expensive gifts for the holiday season. The entire catalog can be viewed online. Here's just a few of the fantasy gift items offered:
A customized Marfa, TX, Experience for $9,500 per couple. What's going on in Marfa that is so expensive? Is it really a private island? No, no, no! A personal concierge will help you create a one-of-a-kind experience in Marfa. Wow! I am still trying to get my husband to go to Hawaii, and we know what's there. Marfa may be a harder sell.
For a mere $125,000., you can have a Tequila Avion Private Party by A-list celebrity event planner, Collin Cowie. Yes, but will I even remember it in the morning?
A Leica M9 Neiman Marcus Edition Camera for $17,500. I might need this to take pictures at my tequila party with "CoCo" (Collin Cowie).
His and Hers MetroShip Luxury Houseboat for $250,000. C'mon, people, that's not bad. It's not just a ride, it's the whole darn ship! I'll definitely think about it. My personal favorite...a glass sculpture creation for the bottom of a swimming pool by artist Dale Chihuly for $1.5 million. I don't even have a pool but I WANT this bad!

Well, a girl can dream!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Equestrian Trend

I've been noticing it for awhile now. The morphing of the western trend - with denim, lace and leather corsets, boots and cowgirl accessories - into a more luxurious, blue-blood style that is the equestrian trend. They are both distinct looks but they do share common threads, too. What's so curious about trend watching is that you really do see the tapestry of styles that weave in and out of one another creating a new trend inspired by another. The western trend is full of the influences from other trends - the Navajo print is an American version of the tribal trend; the camel color palette is a spin-off from the neutral palettes, which are a response to the dismal economy and the war in Iraq; the British Invasion trend brings us the 'Dandy' trend - menswear for women, and the equestrian trend. Here's what I've been seeing in September and October:This is Anthropologie's September catalog. Horses and western images can be seen throughout, even if the fashion itself is not western influenced. Here, Elle magazine gives us a definite equestrian look with riding-inspired pieces for your wardrobe.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Greige for Fall & Winter

Greige - it's what you get when you blend beige and gray, and it's huge for fall and winter. I've heard about the trend for awhile and I've seen it happening in home decor. But flipping through various women's magazines today, and opening up some of my emails from various trends sites I could really see it, even in the ads. It can be tough for women to wear gray or beige--they can be draining colors if you are not under 25. But greige, well that's a different story. It's a beautiful neutral color palette--of cool stones and clays infused with a hint of blush, and and can be worn by most anyone who wants to look chic and on-trend.

Hemitite earrings from The Limited

Belt by Jessica Simpson


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