Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Can Make That!

So many of the hot design motifs are big, bold and right smack on the front of a tee or sweatshirt. Simple designs like hearts, stars, skulls, anchors, etc., and yet they demand attention! I don't know how many times I've seen something worn by a celebrity or found some pricey fashion item in a high end retail store and said to myself, I can make that! So I decided to start sharing some easy-to-make projects that you can create yourself using products from iLoveToCreate. My inspiration for this project is the sweatshirt worn by Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift. I love the big glitter heart, but the red makes it seems a little too much like a Valentine's Day shirt. I wanted my heart to go from blue to green. That's the beauty of making your own--you can change it up and make it however you want! Here's what you'll need to make this:

a tee shirt

a tee shirt form or a piece of cardboard to place in the middle of your teea heart-shaped template (I used the lid from a Valentine's Day box of candy)

a paint brush (I used a soft flat brush about 3/8" wide)

a chalk pencil or a #2 lead pencil for tracing

Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Fabric Paint (I chose Blue, Teal and Lime)

Here's how you make your tee:

Place a shirt form or piece of cardboard inside your tee shirt. Pull your shirt so it's taut - it's easier to paint. Secure with masking tape in back if necessary.

Place the heart template where you want it and trace it using your pencil.

Begin painting the top of the heart with Shimmer Blue. Next, paint the middle with Shimmer Teal, and the bottom of the heart with Shimmer Lime. Let dry. Repeat, blending the Blue into the Teal into the Lime. It's super easy and fun!

These paints are fabulous because you get the look of loose glitter without all the mess! The glitter is contained in the paint and you only need two coats for solid coverage. Look for Fashion Glitter Shimmer Fabric Paint in craft stores this month.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea. I see Xmas gifts!


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