Friday, April 1, 2011

The Stuff of Royals

I got married fifteen years ago on a Saturday in April. Do you think I am thinking about THAT this morning? No. I am actually a lot more focused and excited about the nuptials of Prince William and Kate. It's a big deal for Americans who have paid attention to the lives of the British royal family since Diana Spencer gave us a reason to. Now it's William's turn. What a marketing frenzy these weddings can be! Have you seen all the souvenir stuff that is being manufactured to commemorate their wedding?! It always amazes me what people will make - and buy! - for these grand occasions. There are even stores dedicated to providing fans with all kinds of royal goodies. This store provides a live countdown to the 11am wedding. Here are some rather strange items I found. I can't help thinking about what Kate and William think when they see their images marketed this way. And yes, I will watch the royal wedding. I watched William's mother, Diana, marry Prince Charles in 1981. The wedding of Kate and William is a huge pop culture event and I wouldn't miss it!

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