Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Macrame & Crochet Fashion S/S 2011

I remember as a kid creating macrame plant holders while attending summer school. My poor mother had so many of these hanging on her patio and in her windows as my sister and I continued to weave macrame hangings for any potted plant we could find. Here is a much more sophisticated interpretation of the macrame trend for spring/summer 2011. It includes long fringe, tassels, nautical-inspired twists of rope and even the look of your grandmother's Afghan.

Macrame beachwear by Gucci; Boho fringing Roberto Cavalli; 70's-inspired dress and granny square bag by Ferragamo; Malandrino's macrame sandals; Nautical-inspired macrame by Dior. Read more at Fashionising.

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Anonymous said...

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