Monday, April 18, 2011

Members-Only Accessories

Exclusivity........we all want to belong and yet be set apart at the same time. Have you noticed how these online 'members-only' clubs are popping up with more regularity? They appeal to the desire to belong, to be special. I want to share a couple of very cool sites with you in case you haven't heard of them. They are members-only accessories sites. Similar to Groupon, you join for free and then view the special offers chosen for you based on your fashion profile.

Send the Trend is a monthly accessories service featuring Christian Serriano of Project runway fame, giving fashion advice and choosing custom accessories offerings based on your personal fashion profile. JewelMint works the same way: actress Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter recommend personalized jewelry for you based on a style quiz you take. It's fun and trendy and you can get some great jewelry and accessories for less than the retail price. Check them out!

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