Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's the end of the work week, it's 'bagel Friday' (my friends and I take turns here at work bringing in bagels for breakfast each Friday), and  I have some really good family plans for the weekend. So I am golden!

Last week each of us in the marketing department at iLoveToCreate were asked to choose a quote or message to write on a painted ceramic ornament that will serve as a goal as well as an inspiration. These will then be attached to a cord and hung from the ceiling all together to make a cumulative art statement. I thought about what I really want to do, be, accomplish, etc., in 2013. I have a zillion plans in my head but I often feel I am on a carousel that is spinning really fast that I dare not step off of lest my life crash to pieces.

The quote I decided best suited my not-quite-defined plans is this simple mantra by Seth Godin:

Yeah, I can do that! I can make something happen. I have it within me to make someone else smile or laugh, to bless my family with a cheerful attitude when I come home from a tough work day, and I can make small changes in my lifestyle that will bring a great reward. I have the ability to make art, to make dinner, to make up for lost time, and to make a difference. Its a good goal and an inspiration.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Statement Sneakers

Here are some great sneakers to inspire you for spring. Brace yourselves....these are all fabulous but PRICEY! (Click on the links and see for yourselves.) Now I know that some of you DIYers out there could make a similar pair of any of these with a little paint, adhesives, and embellishments. So why buy it if you can make it, right? 

Keds is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Kate Spade New York with these sneakers made in preppy-pep heaven. Gingham, polka dots, chevron, and nautical stripes adorn Keds's classic canvas sneaker silhouettes and come in snappy hues such as orange, blue, and bubblegum pink. Feminine, fashionable, and versatile, these statement sneakers will hit stores in February.
If you dare call this kind of attention to your feet, you'll love these studded wedge sneakers by Guiseppi Zanotti. Or make your own footwear extra edgy with the addition of metal studs.
 And, it you are into the bling thing, these pricey sneakers by Miu Miu are perfect for you. Want the bling without the 'sting'? Adhere some glitter, crystals, or chunky jewels to a pair of sneakers and tint dye the laces to the color you desire. You'll be stylin' for a whole lot less!

Friday, January 18, 2013

CHA: A Rainbow of Color

CHA was a whirlwind of crafting excitement. Here are some pictures of our booth:

Here's our retro cool tie-dyed VW van where some of our bloggers and designers hung out in between demonstrating a plethora of craft products at the picnic tables in our booth.

Check out these bejeweled smart phones made with our Tulip paint and crystals.

We had lots of photo opportunity stations located around our booth. 

Look at these high heel shoes that were refashioned to be ring holders.

 Lots of color, lots of options for remaking a fabulous wardrobe.

 Our rainbow wall of color.

 Blogger and designer, Maya - of Maya in the Moment - wearing a pair of earrings she made using Tulip 3D Fashion Paint. Beautiful!

Look for this van to visit select cities in the spring and summer of 2013, as tie-dye goes on a road trip in search of happy crafters!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Follow Me to Creativity!

Happy Friday! I'll be heading off to Anaheim, California, to attend the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) Show on Sunday-Monday. It's a great chance for me to walk the show and see what the latest cool craft trends are. Unfortunately, a blast of cold arctic air has blown down through California and the temps are below freezing at night. This means I-5 at the Grapevine will most likely be closed and we'll have to reroute our trip. The things we endure for crafting! If you are attending the show please come by the iLoveToCreate booth (#1008) and check out the funky tie-dye VW van that represents our theme, Follow Me to Creativity.

A Good Story

Everybody loves a great story, and smart brands know that to reach the consumer you have to touch their heart. A good example of this emotional connection strategy is from Anthropologie. To promote their 'favorite basics' -- the sweatshirt and the hoodie -- Anthro is sharing Sweatshirt Stories from eight of their colleagues and sharing them on their blog, the Magazine. Clever! You just scroll over each sweatshirt to reveal the details of why each one is so cherished.

"What motivates people isn't logic and it isn't reason. It's emotions. You have to grab their hearts and minds."
~Yoshiharu Fukuhara
Shiseido Honorary Chairman

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monthly Box Subscriptions

Here's a trend for those who like to receive goodies in the mail on a regular basis. Monthly box subscriptions. I kept coming across these as I did my holiday shopping via the Internet. They sound like a great idea because many of them are tailored to your personal style or specific needs. Like any subscription there is a monthly fee, but it ranges from under $10 to upwards of $30. It just depends on what you want. From coffee and food to makeup and crafts, each month a box is delivered to your doorstep filled with items for you to play with and enjoy. Here are just a few I was interested in.

For the Makers is a monthly subscription that sends you all the materials you need to make four fashion-forward DIY projects each month. Projects range from jewelry and wearable accessories to home and paper goods.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription in which subscribers receive a monthly delivery of high-end beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples. The NY-based startup has attracted more than 100,000 subscribers to its monthly beauty kits..

Art In A Box  is an art subscription service featuring Bay Area artists. It allows subscribers to receive high quality works worth much more than the subscription cost, gives local artists national exposure, and helps to support the arts and artists in the Bay Area.

Umba Box helps you discover beautiful handmade products. Instead of sifting through hundreds of thousands of handmade products on cluttered sites, the creators of the Umba Box bring you the best of the best. They scour the internet, craft fairs, trade shows, and blogs to find handmade products that you'll be proud to call your own.  

 Whimseybox describes itself as DIY in a box, sending you craft supplies for a new project every month. It is "the best in contemporary DIY and craft!" 

So I am really curious....Have any of you ever subscribed to one of these? If so, is it worth it? Did you love it? Would you recommend a monthly box subscription to your friends? I'd love your feedback!


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