Friday, February 25, 2011

Leopards and Cheetahs at MAGIC

This past week has been a struggle. First of all, I came back all excited from a great show at Sourcing At MAGIC in Las Vegas. I wanted to kick out an informative and inspiring trend report asap so I could share all the exciting things I saw with my company. Instead, I came down with a nasty cough/cold within days of returning. I spent my 3-day weekend laying on my couch, coughing, sneezing with watery eyes, watching a marathon of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta (I know, I know) while my family enjoyed the blue skies and warmer days. By Tuesday, I was still achy and coughing, so I stayed home from work. Wednesday I decided I better go into the office because I had an important meeting to attend. I did that, and then dragged myself home. Yesterday, I stayed home again, laying on the couch, watching reality shows while thinking, really???, is this how people behave?! I decided, sick or not, I was determined to go to work today. So here I am, sitting at my desk trying to suppress my choking, sputtering cough, hoping my colleagues aren't angry with me for coming into work sick. There are about five of us who've been fighting this thing, so I don't feel so alone. I think I may have to go home soon before one more person walks by my cube giving me the look of 'why are you here?'. Tomorrow's my birthday and I think I will probably end up spending it with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if they are playing on a loop on Bravo.
Here are a few images I shot at MAGIC that show the huge trend in a certain animal print for fall - the leopard/cheetah print ruled and rocked it:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Uggs Partners with Swarovski

Check out the new city-themed Uggs bejeweled with Swarovski crystals. These toe warmers are pricey at $800, and aren't exactly flying out the door of the retailers carrying them. However, if you are really digging them, why not create your own version? With just a few products you could be well on your way to having your Uggs (or a lesser costly version of them) make a statement about your favorite place.
Here's what you need to make your own sparkly skyline!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Perfect Friday

I got up extra early this morning to take my boys to their school to catch a bus headed to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We were hoping to see the sun rise up over the mountains as we headed east, but we were too early. I promised the boys we will get up early on the weekend and watch the sunrise then. I'm not going on their field trip; I have to work. They won't be back until this evening. I miss them already! But, and here's what makes this Friday so great, that means I will be alone - ALL BY MYSELF - for about 3 hours before I have to go pick them up! I'm excited! I am rarely ever alone. My husband has some plans of his own so we are each just giddy about having our own space today. Plus, the weather here is to die for - Sunny, about 65 degrees. I love it! Above is a beautiful picture of the Fresno skyline as the sun if rising.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pops of Color

Another favorite site I have is from The New York Times, On The Street with Bill Cunningham. Each week he bikes around the streets of New York and takes photos of interesting people who share a common fashion theme. This particular video talks about pops of color being seen during a bleak winter in the city. Here are a few images that I found particularly interesting because Mr. Cunningham talks about paints and dyes used to achieve these effects. If you want to add a pop of color to you winter wardrobe, here's where you can find inspiration.

Trendspot Bold Animal Prints

Sunglasses, Ralph Lauren
Each week I create an internal report for my company that talks about the trends and what's hot now. Much of what I do has to do with forecasting trends, but it is also about watching how the trends are playing out in the moment. Animal prints are always on trend, always a classic, always in style. Hat, Free People
You have your traditional animal prints, and then you have the modern interpretation of this trend in bold scale and unexpected colors. Here's what I mean:

Dessert Plates, Diane Von Furstenberg

Teen Vogue

Must-Have Spring Trends

Because I work compiling trend information, my in-box is always full of interesting stuff from a plethora of sources. I am also a magazine and catalog junkie as well. Here's a video I want to share from Daily Candy that talks about the must-have spring trends from the perspective of boutique owners and designers. One of my favorites is the bohemian style long dress/skirt. 70's icon Ali MacGraw is an inspiration for this trend. I have always been a fan of her style and the trend.


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