Wednesday, December 22, 2010

iLoveToCreate With Feathers

I have known the feather trend was huge in fashion and accessories, but I didn't realize how well they can be incorporated into one's overall appearance. Beyond the feather headbands we see everywhere are these very cool earrings by Owlita that are so generously full they become part of your hairstyle. And the best part? You can buy only one for that asymmetrical look. There is also Fine Feathersheads that offers strands of feathers as hair extensions. Even the dog is rockin' this look!

And Who What Wear Daily just offered up this DIY project involving a mini skirt, some Ostrich feather trim and a gold bottle of Aleene's Tacky Glue. Click here for instructions on how to make it. How easy is that?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Shatter by Katy Perry

I wonder if O.P.I. or Katy Perry are closet crafters? Check out the latest KP nail polish collection, featuring Black Shatter. It works like Quick Crackle, the craft topcoat that causes paint to splinter and pull apart for an aged, peeling paint finish for wood surfaces. I am liking the look that Katy's nails are flaunting-- it almost has a animal print quality to it. Here's the drill: You apply one coat of Black Shatter over completely dry nail lacquer for a look that's totally Katy! Do you love it? Would you wear it? Can you use it over other paints to make stuff? Interesting possibilities!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look What Happened At the Mall Last Week...

This morning I opened this email from my husband while I was at work. I was about fifteen minutes from heading into a meeting to give a trend presentation, and I needed a distraction from being nervous so I thought I'd check my emails. I watched this video, completely captivated, with tears in my eyes thinking, now this is Christmas... Of course, after watching this my meeting seemed to pale in comparison and I had to gain my composure. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Wishes.......

The holidays always seem to sneak up on me and leave me feeling anxious rather than excited. As a working mom I still have to put in at least a 40-hour work week and then be one who organizes Christmas - planning the dinner, shopping for the gifts, sending out the Christmas cards, decorating the tree, etc. I love it all, but it can be overwhelming. More than anything, I am tired of the bombardment of commercialism that seems to never end, stripping away the real meaning of Christmas. Every year my children scribble down their Christmas wishes and my husband and I try to figure out what each of us want. But what I really want is to step away from the trappings of the holidays and just enjoy them. If I could step off the carousel that is my life and plan Christmas just the way I wanted it to be, I think these are some of the ways I would want to spend Christmas with my family....

I've always wanted to go on a horse drawn sleigh ride in the snow. It seems like such a magical thing to do...clip clop through the snow. I think I would love an evening sleigh ride even more.
I would love to attend the Bracebridge Dinner at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park. This is a 4-hour holiday event that is world-renowned and has been a tradition at the hotel since 1927.

I would love to NOT darken the doorstep of any mall or store and just buy or make one handmade item for each person I love. Something that shows them that I 'get' them.

I would love to take the money I would normally spend on gifts and give it to random people who need a little help but would never dream of standing on a corner with a sign asking for it. It would take time and prayer to find these people but I know it would be worth it. When we have done things like this in past it makes us absolutely giddy with excitement. It really is better to give than to receive!
I would love to have my whole family together in one big cabin for a family reunion, and everyone would be nice, play games, and enjoy good food and each other. There wouldn't be any rifts or mishaps, just lots of fun. We haven't done this as a family in years.
I have always enjoyed the Living Nativity presentations that many churches have during Christmas. This is what Christmas is all about and I love sharing this with my family.
Sipping cocoa in front of my fire, in my comfy sweats, listening to Christmas music or watching "It's A Wonderful Life" with my husband. Because you know what? It really is!

Seeing all the different light shows that my town has to offer. I usually see a couple, but it would be so fun to venture off the beaten path and take them all in. We love Christmas Tree Lane. And finally, I would love to just be still and enjoy the moments of Christmas. You know, the sounds, the smells, the energy in the air -- all of it. I feel like I might miss it sometimes because I am busy or tired or because it comes so fast and with such commercialism. I hope to someday do a few of these things on my Christmas Wish List, to make it more than a wish. Someday....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Christmas Weekend

Last weekend was a blur of Christmas festivities! Friday night we went to a Christmas party where we hung out with friends to the sounds of live music being sung by the fire (as opposed to songs being sung by a choir!); drinks around the bar (hot chocolate and champagne with pomegranate seeds splashed on top); lots of great foodie things like sushi boats, chicken and beef kabobs over rice served in martini glasses; decorated gingerbread cookies; and a brisk walk to see all the lights and decorations on Christmas Tree Lane. After this we headed up to River Park to see the Lego window display (located between Macy's and Edward's Theater) in the theme of Santa's Workshop. Really amazing! Saturday we attended a local artist's open house where we purchased some holiday treasures. Then in the early evening we went a-hunting for our Christmas tree. My husband and I always take a photo of us surrounded by the Christmas trees. Hiding amongst the trees is a favorite activity of my boys. Two lots and two cups of hot cocoa later we had ourselves a beautiful Noble strapped to the top of our PT Cruiser. Sunday we spent the day decorating our home and our tree. The whole house is fragrant with the scent of pine. I love it! By evening, we were all sitting on our cozy couches admiring our Christmas surroundings. nice!This picture of our tree looks a little 'wonky' here, but in the dark with all the twinkling lights it is beautiful!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glitter Fingertips For Winter 2010

Are those snowflakes on your fingertips? The big trend this winter is all things sparkly! That includes nails. I love this twist on the french manicure with the glitter and metallic finish on the tips of the nails. It's so elegant and festive, and will surely get you noticed.
Rococo's Gold Leaf nail lacquer by SpaceNK give your nails a gold-spattered effect. Why should your Christmas lights be the only thing that sparkles?
Only Gold For Me
Top Coat from Sephora O.P.I.
It's a brilliant finishing touch that acts like jewelry for your nails.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hearts For Haiti

I did not go out shopping on Black Friday - I had a stuffy nose, it was super cold at around 48 degrees (that is super cold for the central valley!), and I get overwhelmed by motley crowds. However, I did venture out a little bit on Saturday to get my favorite candles at Pottery Barn. I love candlelight on cozy winter nights, and I think their candles burn the best without an overpowering fragrance. Anyway, while paying for my candles I happened to see these lovely hand-carved stone hearts. I thought they would be perfect in one of my many bowls of collectibles. I bought the Hearts For Haiti because they are beautiful and because I love giving back, especially during the holiday season. It feels good! The proceeds from the sale of these handmade Haitian hearts will fund the Haitian relief activities of HAND/EYE Fund's Artisan Grants Program. HAND/EYE Fund woks in Haiti to help artisans recover from the life-challenging loss of shelter, equipment, workshops and income. Artisans in Haiti embody their country's rich cultural heritage, employ their neighbors, solve community problems with their entrepreneurial skills, and create opportunities for themselves and others. So have a heart (or three) this holiday season!

Monday, November 22, 2010



Now here's a great way to make a clever brand statement. Click here for more images.

iLoveToCreate on iCarly

I was watching TV with my boys last night and we tuned in to a new episode of iCarly. "iStart A Fan War" was actually a 47 minute 'movie' with guest star, Jack Black. Carly's brother Spencer is a sculptor/artist who happened to be working on a costume for a WebiCon convention similar to ComiCon. As Carly and her friend Sam are making snacks at the kitchen island I spotted a whole bunch of Tulip Fabric Sprays and Aleene's Tacky Glue in the iconic gold bottle on the counter top in front of them. Spencer's costume, a "World of Warlords" avatar ensemble inspired by his favorite medieval online video game was made with our products! Past special episodes of iCarly have drawn upwards of 13 million viewers. That means millions of people got to see our products in Carly's kitchen. Jack Black plays Spencer's online video rival who also attends WebiCon.


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