Monday, November 29, 2010

Hearts For Haiti

I did not go out shopping on Black Friday - I had a stuffy nose, it was super cold at around 48 degrees (that is super cold for the central valley!), and I get overwhelmed by motley crowds. However, I did venture out a little bit on Saturday to get my favorite candles at Pottery Barn. I love candlelight on cozy winter nights, and I think their candles burn the best without an overpowering fragrance. Anyway, while paying for my candles I happened to see these lovely hand-carved stone hearts. I thought they would be perfect in one of my many bowls of collectibles. I bought the Hearts For Haiti because they are beautiful and because I love giving back, especially during the holiday season. It feels good! The proceeds from the sale of these handmade Haitian hearts will fund the Haitian relief activities of HAND/EYE Fund's Artisan Grants Program. HAND/EYE Fund woks in Haiti to help artisans recover from the life-challenging loss of shelter, equipment, workshops and income. Artisans in Haiti embody their country's rich cultural heritage, employ their neighbors, solve community problems with their entrepreneurial skills, and create opportunities for themselves and others. So have a heart (or three) this holiday season!

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