Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Supernatural Fatigue

I was reading an article today from YPulse on the topic of  moviegoers having 'supernatural fatigue' -- meaning perhaps audiences are less enamoured by stories of ghosts, zombies, vampires, monsters and werewolves than they were in the past. Maybe. But the question needs to be asked, why do some supernatural stories turn into phenomenons, such as The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Twilight, while others do not? What is it about these three series that captured the broader audience? The answers? Original, fresh stories - each was unique to their markets at the time, not borrowed themes and plots from previous predecessors. And maybe more importantly, each reflected something that Millennials as a whole, not just teens and tweens, were feeling - from optimism to uncertainty to the struggle to survive - at the time they were published.

  • Harry Potter was an optimistic story about a unique and special boy who was destined for great things, a theme that resonated with Millennials in 1997 when they still believed they too were special and had great expectations for their future achievements.
  • Twilight was a dark romance with a heroine who was less sure of herself and what the future held for her, reflecting Millennial attitudes in 2005-2008 when the series was released around the recession. (The love story in Twilight was of course also a huge part of readers' devotion.) 
  • Finally, Hunger Games is about a struggle to survive, and its heroine Katniss needs specific learned skills, not special powers, in order to come out on top, details that more closely reflect the reality of the generation in 2008-2010 when their moods were darker and they themselves were struggling to make it in a world less friendly than they had been promised.
    Source: YPulse
Look, the economy remains pretty scary and life is an ongoing struggle to make ends meet, so I think we can safely say that audiences will continue to seek an edge-of-their-seat escape. A zombie apocalypse is a lot less scary to me than the current gas prices, you know? So what might the next unique story line be to capture the broader audience? Perhaps the answer can be found in the pages of Young Adult literature. The Giver, The Fire Sermon, and The Young World are books that are big contenders to be the next big thing, and have already been picked up by major film studios. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

P.S.-I Made This...DIY Dye Favorite!

I just happen to be brousing on the blog of West Elm and came across this entry featuring DIY guru, Erica Domesek, of P.S.-I Made This...

Erica was asked, Of the hundreds of projects you've featured, are there any personal favorites that stand out? She answered, projects are like children...I can't pick on favorite, but a few do stand out. I loved the iPad clutch, tie-dye pillows, dreamcatcher, the quartz barrette, and the tassel necklace. Yep, that's with Tulip One Step Dye!
Click here for more Tulip dye projects.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Artful Plate Arrangements

I LOVE this idea... gathering mismatched plates mixing up the sizes and colors and then hanging them in the most random pattern for high drama.




Tie-Dye Spotlight: UPSTATE

Cool Hunting Video: Upstate from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

It's always a pleasure to see excited artisans sharing their inspiration and techniques with the world.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Forest Floor

Yesterday I stopped in to Anthropologie to see what's new from a display viewpoint and found a woodsy environment complete with cut logs, vegetation, mushrooms and moss as decor. Back to nature is a big trend, especially with all the woodland critter motifs that continue to be popular in all things home decor - owls, foxes, hedgehogs, stags. This latest look for Anthro for fall is all about the forest floor. What do you think?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Celebrity Tie-Dye Sightings

Look who's wearing TIE-DYE! Take a peek at more of your favorite celebrities wearing this trendy summer print here.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Handpainted Leggings

It's cruising toward the middle of August and here in central California it is still pretty hot outside and probably will stay that way well through mid-October. However, we are currently under the triple digits and a light breeze in the cooler evenings makes me long for autumn and the chilly nights that are so yummy! All you DIYers, why not get a jump on your fall/winter wardrobe and style yourself some dyed or painted leggings? Here are some handpainted garments that will get your creative juices flowing. [HINT: If you want to save some bucks and make your own, all the products you need can be found  right here.] If you aren't the creative type, by all means throw some love and financial support to these fabric painting artists.

Custom made by Hodgepodge Farms on Etsy these doily print leggings are made with a bleached-out doily stencil print in a lighter shade of the ground color. [Looks like a doily and some Tulip Fabric Sprays could do the job, too! I'm just saying.]

These aren't actually leggings -- they are thigh-high socks that have been tie-dyed for a bold color statement. Here's how to make them.
These super comfy leggings are from artisan made Blue Fish Clothing.
These handpainted Tribal Leggins by SiamicWear on Etsy are 'CRAZING' - that's crazy amazing!

Get more inspiration on refashioning, handpainting, DIYing and finding your creative 'flow' here.


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