Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monthly Box Subscriptions

Here's a trend for those who like to receive goodies in the mail on a regular basis. Monthly box subscriptions. I kept coming across these as I did my holiday shopping via the Internet. They sound like a great idea because many of them are tailored to your personal style or specific needs. Like any subscription there is a monthly fee, but it ranges from under $10 to upwards of $30. It just depends on what you want. From coffee and food to makeup and crafts, each month a box is delivered to your doorstep filled with items for you to play with and enjoy. Here are just a few I was interested in.

For the Makers is a monthly subscription that sends you all the materials you need to make four fashion-forward DIY projects each month. Projects range from jewelry and wearable accessories to home and paper goods.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription in which subscribers receive a monthly delivery of high-end beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples. The NY-based startup has attracted more than 100,000 subscribers to its monthly beauty kits..

Art In A Box  is an art subscription service featuring Bay Area artists. It allows subscribers to receive high quality works worth much more than the subscription cost, gives local artists national exposure, and helps to support the arts and artists in the Bay Area.

Umba Box helps you discover beautiful handmade products. Instead of sifting through hundreds of thousands of handmade products on cluttered sites, the creators of the Umba Box bring you the best of the best. They scour the internet, craft fairs, trade shows, and blogs to find handmade products that you'll be proud to call your own.  

 Whimseybox describes itself as DIY in a box, sending you craft supplies for a new project every month. It is "the best in contemporary DIY and craft!" 

So I am really curious....Have any of you ever subscribed to one of these? If so, is it worth it? Did you love it? Would you recommend a monthly box subscription to your friends? I'd love your feedback!


Nikki Epple-Townsend said...

I love Birchbox, but have had a couple months when I didn't love the items. But in the spirit of a monthly box, it's worth it to take that risk. I did find a new dry shampoo that I absolutely love and the price is great!

The Trend Spot said...

Thanks, Nikki. I've heard really good things about For the Maker, too.


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