Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's the end of the work week, it's 'bagel Friday' (my friends and I take turns here at work bringing in bagels for breakfast each Friday), and  I have some really good family plans for the weekend. So I am golden!

Last week each of us in the marketing department at iLoveToCreate were asked to choose a quote or message to write on a painted ceramic ornament that will serve as a goal as well as an inspiration. These will then be attached to a cord and hung from the ceiling all together to make a cumulative art statement. I thought about what I really want to do, be, accomplish, etc., in 2013. I have a zillion plans in my head but I often feel I am on a carousel that is spinning really fast that I dare not step off of lest my life crash to pieces.

The quote I decided best suited my not-quite-defined plans is this simple mantra by Seth Godin:

Yeah, I can do that! I can make something happen. I have it within me to make someone else smile or laugh, to bless my family with a cheerful attitude when I come home from a tough work day, and I can make small changes in my lifestyle that will bring a great reward. I have the ability to make art, to make dinner, to make up for lost time, and to make a difference. Its a good goal and an inspiration.

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