Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just Doodle-de-do it!

I am a doodler. I will draw on napkins, handouts, brochures, you name it--I will draw a picture on it. I find that some of my best ideas come from my random doodling. It's a creative outlet that frees up my mind. I am a right-brained woman who uses doodling to escape (if only in my mind) from the left-brained world. Studies have found that doodling may not only ease your boredom if you are stuck in a dull meeting, it may also increase your ability to recall snippets of key information mentioned. So, to those who doodle, I salute you!

Anthropologie has these super cool placemat books --Doodles at Lunch, and Doodles at Breakfast-- so you can tear off a paper placemat and do a step-by-step doodle, or use the placemat for some free-form drawing.

For those of you who prefer a designer doodle, pick up this Fendi bag for a mere two hundred dollars plus change.

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