Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Seventies

It's definitely spring here today, with a beautiful sunny day of close to seventy degrees just outside my cubicle door. I love it when we're in the seventies. Yum! Perfect, coastal weather -- except we're not at the coast. I don't like heat but I do love the sun. I am not really a summer person because I am light-skinned with blue eyes and prone to sunburn. I spent my youth chasing the must-have summer tan so that I could look tolerable in my uniform skirt when returning to my private school each fall -- my tan was the real thing, not the spray-on kind. But that was many moons ago, before full-time jobs and evil UV rays, and I have since embraced my pinkness. Anyway....here is my view of the world when I get up, walk out of my cube and open the door. Above the rec park is the bluest sky I've seen in months!

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