Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Feather in My Hair

I went to get my hair cut tonight after work at The Beehive. Just a trim, really, and Ali always has something extra or cool for me to try. Tonight it was a feather. I decided to channel my inner Steven Tyler (am I obsessed???) and add a feather to my left side where I usually have a streak of purple in. It's fading, so I thought a teal feather would perk it up! Thanks, Ali!

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iPad said...

After following your blog for the last couple months, I admire the wide variety of trends you cover! It's exactly what I'm aspiring to be as a new blogger. It's a tough business! Trends are harder to keep up with than I thought, and I don't know how you do it so well!

Recently, I really loved your post "Must-Have Spring Trends". I completely agree that the move to bring back 70s style is a fabulous one! I’ve always felt like I was born in the wrong generation because of my love for the styles in the 60s and 70s. Any indication that it’s back on the rise makes me light up with excitement ☺. I also loved that you shared that video with your readers, as we’re all trying to follow the same trends you are. The video really highlighted the most exhilarating fashion trends to come, and I’ve been following Daily Candy ever since. The photos you chose to emphasize the 70s trend were also spot on. They were perfect selections of where the trend is going on the runways. The flashback to Ali MacGraw made the flawless style realistic in mind. My only criticism is that there were other trends I found in the video that also put me in a shopping frenzy… lace up loafers? So masculine, business chic! Being the trend-guru you are, I would appreciate hearing more about your opinions and trend-vice for following such trends. Maximize your expertise!

The same advice goes for your most recent post “A Feather in My Hair”. From tinsel to feathers, faux hair extensions seem to be all the rage! There’s no way I could pull it off, so inform you readers about the best way to rock this new trend. Keep your trend-sessions coming! You’re one of my favorite spots to get the scoop.


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