Tuesday, October 26, 2010

High School Reunion

Last Saturday night I attended my high school reunion at a fun restaurant with a breezy outdoor patio and bar. I hadn't been to the previous reunions for various reasons -- the first one I missed because I was in New York for work, and the second one I missed because I was throwing a big family party to celebrate my son's first birthday -- so I relented and decided to attend this one. I still see my best friends from school on a somewhat regular basis but I don't really run into anyone else, at least not that I know of. Or maybe I do but I don't recognize anybody...I must admit I was curious to see what the boys and girls I grew up with had become. Some of these kids had attended the same grade school as I had and so I've known many of them since I was 5-years old! I was nervous, too. Had I changed so much that no one would know me? Here's what happened... Three weeks prior to our reunion I was playing with my son and I did a move in my hallway that popped my knee. I almost hit the ground in pain. Yikes! What's up with that? As the days went on I was still dragging my leg, trying not to put any weight on my knee. Doing this caused my hips to be misaligned, causing low back pain. I was beginning to walk like the dead guy in Men In Black. Oh no! How am I going to appear taller and thinner than I am if I can't wear high heels, am not bending my leg, AND have to stand while leaning on one leg? Vanity was definitely starting to occupy my thoughts. I even thought about NOT going to my reunion if I wasn't better. Well, long story short, my knee is still not better and I may be facing surgery. And I did go to my reunion as planned - in flat suede boots. I had a great time seeing familiar faces and listening to the music from our high school days. Here we are celebrating a fabulous reunion.

Just an FYI, the black & white picture of two of my friends and me was taken at a football game on Halloween weekend when we were seniors in high school. We wore these large blow-up bobble head monsters with matching capes and tried to hop the fence to avoid paying to get into the game. We cleared the fence, but not security. The large heads were hard to miss! No worries. We paid and got into the game and got our picture taken for the yearbook.

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