Friday, October 1, 2010

Greige for Fall & Winter

Greige - it's what you get when you blend beige and gray, and it's huge for fall and winter. I've heard about the trend for awhile and I've seen it happening in home decor. But flipping through various women's magazines today, and opening up some of my emails from various trends sites I could really see it, even in the ads. It can be tough for women to wear gray or beige--they can be draining colors if you are not under 25. But greige, well that's a different story. It's a beautiful neutral color palette--of cool stones and clays infused with a hint of blush, and and can be worn by most anyone who wants to look chic and on-trend.

Hemitite earrings from The Limited

Belt by Jessica Simpson


Katie (Castleberg) Hatch said...

i've reposted your fabulous greige compilation files to my pinterest page ( and have give your wonderful blog credit and back links. And, i am now a fan and follower of your blog. Thanks

The Trend Spot said...

Thanks so much!I LOVE Pinterest.


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