Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Idol Tonight!

I am kind of in an American Idol funk! Hmmm, since Casey got voted off I am forced to move on to my second favorite, only I am not sure who it is. I think Scotty will do fine--win or lose--those country music peeps take care of their own. Lauren is young and lacks confidence, but she's such a cutie and her voice is killer--she'll probably cut a duet with Scotty. Jacob is not my favorite but the dog can blow (nod to Randy Jackson). I LOVE the way Haley sings. Her rendition of Elton John's, Bennie and the Jets, rocked! It was worth a download. That brings me to James. He is so real and fearless you can't help but vote for him. He absolutely must get to the top 3 because Steven Tyler promised him he would sing with him when he reached the top 3. I am definitely looking forward to that! OK, I've decided who my favs are: James, Haley, Scotty, Lauren, and Jacob--in that order.

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