Friday, April 18, 2014

The Power of a Slogan

I came across this saying while perusing Apartment Therapy and it stopped me in my tracks. Literally. It's not a new concept. Heck, I've read it many times before and heard it said to me on more than one occasion. But for some reason, today it stopped me. Do what you love every day. It makes me question how I use my time, my words, my energy... Do I do what I love even once a week? Once a month? And what is it that I truly love to do? Is this about my job or does it refer to my entire mindset about even the little things I do? And why did this commonly known phrase have such an impact on me today? I need to take a deep breath and meditate on this because when something you've seen a thousand times stops you and speaks to you, you must find out why.


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