Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crazy Town

It's already past mid-June...REALLY!?  Time sure flies when you work full time and have kids....when you have too much on your plate....and when you are suppose to be blogging on a regular basis but life gets in the way.
It's been crazy town this past week. A week ago Wednesday morning my husband smacked the front of his head by accident. I encouraged him to call our doctor, but he downplayed the injury and wouldn't go--that is, until Friday. By Friday he was so bruised his right eye had swollen shut! After spending 8-hours  at the hospital ER getting a CAT scan, all turned out to be fine. It could have been so much worse....everyone who saw him thought he probably had a fractured skull based on his 'raccoon eyes'. By the following Monday he didn't look like an extra on Zombieland anymore, and he figured he could venture back out into the world without scaring small children.

On Tuesday we got a new dog. We really wanted and needed a big dog to guard our yard since we had our last outdoor dog, Phoebe, put down late last year. We searched Craig's List for a 'teenage' dog--you know, not quite a puppy, but not too set in her ways either. We settled on 1-year-old Harlow, an American Bulldog. She's very happy--just look at that tail!  She has a lot of energy! Our Boston Terrier does not think very highly of her, but we are hoping that will change. We are settling in, getting to know each other. We start obedience class on Friday. I think it will be an interesting ride.

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