Friday, July 8, 2011

Star Gazing

Since my son joined Boy Scouts he's had to do various tasks in order to earn merit badges. One thing he's been working on this month is an astronomy badge. Part of earning this is that he has to get up one morning each week (for about 5-6 weeks) at 5am in order to observe a certain star in the sky. Apparently this star is best observed around 5am and disappears after about 5:15am. He then has to draw it and write about it in order to chart its movement in the early morning sky. Usually my husband is the one to get up extra early to get our son up and out in the front yard to make his observations. One morning this task fell to me. I usually try to squeeze in as much sleep as possible in the mornings before I rush off to work. My son and I stepped out into the cool of the early dawn morning and looked up. It was beautiful. I was glad I got up and had this brief moment of star gazing with my Boy Scout. It also made me think about the trend in celestial fashion that is here for spring and summer. I decided to make a galaxy-inspired project to commemorate our star gazing mornings.

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