Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Random Act of Kindness

Today I've been working pretty constantly on a trend presentation I am giving in September at a convention. With only 30 minutes to catch lunch, I headed to Panda Express to get a rice bowl. I bumped into a co-worker who happened to be ahead of me in line. As we chatted and waited to pay we noticed there was a problem. Apparently the cash register wasn't in the mood to process credit/debit cards. Cashless, my co-worker and I both held up our cards when asked how we planned to pay. Oh no, what are we gonna do? At that moment, the guy working the register decided that rather than have us walk out hungry he told us our lunches were on him. What?! No, no, no, we said. He insisted. We asked if we could at least have a copy of the receipts to pay back Panda the next time we come in. Nope, no worries. I then looked at his name tag. His name is Yee. Thanks, Yee! Lucky for Yee there was only 3 of us waiting to pay at the time. What a nice example of real customer service. I made it back to my desk with just enough time to eat and get back to my trend report. Another random act of kindness exhibited at lunchtime! By the way, I opened my fortune cookie and it read: Enjoy the good luck a companion brings you. Maybe bumping into my co-worker paid off.

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Bride.Paper.Scissors said...

Hey Jen! Hope you are doing well.. thought I would send you this link of the featured seller on etsy today... look at the clothes she makes.... pretty much all dye/tie dye. :) very cute!


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