Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fashion terms that are so last year!

The New York Times recently featured an article by Simone S. Oliver entitled, Worn-Out Fashion Terms. I wanted to share it (in case you missed it) because it's pretty true how often these fashion buzzwords pop up in so many of the articles and advertisements I read when trend hunting. Here are 5 of the 14 overly used, trendy terms the writer hopes will be put to rest:

Couture: Calling something "couture" doesn't make it hand-sewn or high class. Yet the word popped up everywhere last year, from discount Web sites to QVC.

Statement outfits: Does your outfit speak louder than words? That seemed to be the mantra chanted by fashion lemmings, who kept referring to attention-grabbing pieces as "statements."

Pop-up: Blame it on empty storefronts and skittish retailers, but the hit-and-run retail concept swept the world's fashion capitals, to the point of losing its novelty.

Fashionista: The word has gone from describing a class of urban style-conscientious sophisticates to becoming a lazy and cheap byword for anyone with a modicum of taste.

D.I.Y. fashion: It's not always necessary to knit your own mittens. And not everyone becomes a bestseller on Save your sanity by going to Urban Outfitters and spending the $8.

Harsh? On target? For a complete list of the terms Ms. Oliver advises us to leave behind in 2010, click here.

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