Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It's December 1, already! Thanksgiving was wonderful. I had nine days off - IN A ROW! That never happens for me. It was great. The first half of my vacation I reorganized my closet and my pantry, and I cleaned my entire house - I mean, really cleaned it! It felt so good to get this stuff checked off my To Do list. Now I was ready to enjoy Thanksgiving. Luckily, I didn't have to cook. We went to my husband's brother's home and feasted until we were zombies! While we were there in Sacramento we decided to take a drive to Folsom to walk around and check out the antique shops and boutiques. As we were driving through the neighborhoods to get to the main street, a big flock of wild turkeys flew across the road, in front of our car, and landed in a yard! There were about 15 of them. I had never seen wild turkeys before. Of course, my camera was in the trunk!
We came home the next day and enjoyed our clean and well-organized home, relaxed, watched movies and just enjoyed the peace of the day. Monday rolled around and my vacation is over and I am back at work. My husband brought our dog, Gabby, to work to be photographed for an upcoming pet feature for iLoveToCreate. Look at how cute she looks! Her Punk Princess hoodie is all done with Tulip products.
It seems every weekend we will be busy. This Friday I am heading up to Murphys, CA, to sell some of my jewelry in my friend's store during Murphys Open House.
Then on Saturday, we will walk Christmas Tree Lane with friends. By Sunday, we will need a day of rest.

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