Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tie-Dye Still Trendy For 2010

“There’s something about tie-dye that speaks to everyone,” says Tory Burch, adding, “it’s a little nostalgic but also feels modern.” Well, I gotta love Tory Burch. Tie-dye is one of our favorite fashion-transformation products here at iLoveToCreate, and tie-dye is hotter than ever for spring/summer 2010. What's exciting is that the look keeps morphing each season to stay fresh and relevant. So often people think of tie-dye as unsophisticated and Bohemian, or as a messy children's craft on a t-shirt. That is so NOT TRUE! Check out these runway pictures to see what top fashion designers are doing with dye...
And here's a couple of projects from our website that are tie-dye inspired:

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