Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Team Jacob

I am not a Twilight fan. Nothing against the vampire saga, but I just am not feeling it. Having said that, I did sit in an empty theater last night - empty but for my two friends and I - and had a great time watching New Moon. What made the movie so entertaining, besides the shirtless wolves, the adrenaline-seeking Bella, and the scary looking Voltarians, (not to mention the Junior Mints, Dots and M&Ms) were the reactions from my friends, one of whom is a major fan. She's already seen the movie, but she provided all the reactions to the characters as if it were her first viewing. Of course, because the theater was empty we were able to laugh, scream, talk and howl through the whole thing. In case you are wondering.......................I am definitely on Team Jacob! Here's why: He's alive and his altered state is a wolf. I like wolves. Edward, on the other hand is dead, cold and really pasty white when he takes off his shirt. Can he turn into a bat like Dracula? I don't know.............I only read as far as Twilight.

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Candyland said...

Wow, I wished I would have known! I totally would have gone!!!


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