Tuesday, December 8, 2009

24 Hours in Murphys

Last Friday my friend, Lauren, and I headed up to Murphys to feature my jewelry at Murphys Motorcycle Company, a store owned by our friend, Teri.
It was an evening where all the merchants kept their doors open late and everyone visited all the stores and partied in the streets. Well, it was a crazy evening filled with food, music and an opportunity to meet Teri's local friends who are super friendly! There was a small Christmas parade which we missed because we were inside manning our jewelry table. There were bonfires and cider and lots of wine tasting. Murphys is a big wine tasting town because of all the nearby vineyards.
The evening was successful and when it was time to pack up, we headed across the street to get some refreshments at Grounds. We were there maybe half and hour, when in walked Santa and Mrs. Clause. They were needing a drink after that big parade! Of course, Lauren and I had to have our pictures taken with Santa. The next morning we ended up eating the best breakfast there! Seriously good food! If you go to Murphys you must eat breakfast at Grounds.

It was a fabulous 24 hours in Murphys. And off we go.................home to Fresno.

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Tally O said...

Looks like you had fun! I hope your sales were a success!


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