Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fingerless Gloves

I love fingerless gloves! But probably not for the reasons you'd think. I sit by a door and in the winter, no matter how warm and cozy our building attempts to be, I get really cold. My hands have been so cold that I have been known to type with one hand while I sit on the other. And then I would trade hands so I could warm up the other one! About 4 years ago, right before Karl Lagerfeld reintroduced the world to fingerless gloves, I seriously would take my old mittens and clip the tips off of them and wear them so I could type. I work on a computer for the bulk of my day and I have to be able to type. Fingerless gloves keep me warm and working! Now they are a fashion statement, not just a practical solution for those texters and typers who have cold hands. There are a number of trends that are fueling this fingerless glove phenom. The '80s gave us Madonna in her lace fingerless gloves, and everyone knows that that decade is a huge fashion inspiration right now. The Rocker Glam look fits the fingerless trend like, well, a black leather glove (with stud embellishments). The bulky knits that are so trendy right now are also inspiring some of my favorite looks in fingerless gloves. Here are some more favorites:

Here are celebrities who have been snapped wearing fingerless gloves:

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