Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog Addiction

I love to read books, and I love to read peoples blogs. My niece and her husband recently left New York City to travel and live in Ecuador for a few months before they return to the United States and settle into 'real life'. Luckily, they started a blog to share their travels with family and friends. I've been following their blog, checking on them as they talk about all their adventures. Stuff like riding a bus all night on an unpaved road, freezing cold in muddy clothes, to get to the next town. They are young, adventurous, on a budget, and having a blast. I envy their freedom. They are funny because they are vegans and they keep posting about the foods they are eating and the difficulty or ease with which they are finding this food. They are also bummed because they visited a market that was supposedly selling handcrafted goods, only to find that every vendor at the market was selling the same 'unique' items. On the upside, they are meeting all kinds of interesting travelers from all over the world. They are taking Spanish lessons so they won't struggle so much with trying to communicate. What a life they are leading! Walking to most places they want to go, experiencing a completely different culture, renting a little place they share with other travelers, and seeing the world in a whole different light. I can't wait to see who they become after they return from their grand adventure!


Ronald Dávila Realmuto said... sweet for blogging about us. =) Miss you tons! And love your blog. Maybe you will get lucky and get a little Ecuadorian trinket. ;) Love you! xoxo

Stevie said...

See, you've succinctly compressed a lot of blog into an informative
paragraph or two! We have good writers in our family! Tell Ron I want a trinket too...maybe a rug. :)

The Trend Spot said...

A rug is NOT a trinket! LOL


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