Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy LOVE Day

Happy LOVE Day! I wish I could say I have a big day planned, but I don't. I was really sick all last week, missing work from Monday afternoon to Thursday. I didn't even come back to work until Friday. This week has been spent playing catch-up on all the things I missed while laying on my couch at home. Every single day I have continued to 'lightly' cough. Not a contagious cough, but a lingering bothersome cough, residue of last week's illness. My cube mates finally told me I should go to the doctor. Really? I sound that bad? Yep! I went to the doctor today and he fixed me up with some meds that should have me up and running at full speed again soon. Good to hear, especially since I plan to be in Las Vegas early next week for the Sourcing At MAGIC show.


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