Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I don't usually find fortune cookie messages all that interesting. They usually tell me something generic and positive that could apply to anyone. Or they warn me to be a better friend, or to be more frugal with my money. I know, I know. It's just a cookie. Even when I don't actually eat the cookie I still break it open to see what it says. Today was no different. I didn't bring lunch and ended up eating at a fast food Chinese restaurant. I didn't want the cookie but I couldn't resist seeing what my fortune would be. (I am not the type to read horoscopes at all, and yet I MUST see what my secret message in a cookie is! Why is that?) OK, so I found this message today after I broke open my fortune cookie and I thought it was a beautiful sentiment. It made me stop and think, wouldn't it be nice if we all looked at the world this way?

I thought, do I do this? I do have bowls full of quirky treasures that I love, and I do love a good yard sale or estate sale because you never know what you may find. But do I do this with people? Do I look beyond the 'packaging' to see the gift inside? I hope I do. I want to. I try to teach my boys to look at what God sees, to look at the heart of a person. To see what is hidden. If we would just spend the time to look, really LOOK, we may be amazed at what is revealed to us.

Just something to think about I wanted to share..........the simple truth, found within a fortune cookie.

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