Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Trend Fan

I get to work this morning and open my emails to find a really funny one, complimenting me on my trend advice from last Sunday night's interview on Inspired At Home. My subject was the popularity of the polka dot. Here's what this person wrote - picturing herself arriving for work - after listening to my trend report:

"....In walked 'Trendsetting Gooness' (what's a 'gooness'?) this morning sporting an adorable black and white polka dot shift dress. She moves with ease in comfort and style. 'Gooness' has added candy apple red accessories- most notably the red sunglasses and square short handled vintage purse dated 1948. The red peep toe heels set the outfit off with a happy go lucky summer day at the office! When we spoke with 'Gooness', she stated that she listens faithfully to the number one Trend Setter, Jennifer Blevins. Her last radio interview bringing up the facts that true trendsetters stick with the happy polka dots year round. Special thanks to Jen for keeping us on the cutting edge!"

What can I say?

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