Thursday, July 9, 2009

Barbie's Makeover

A while back I blogged about Barbie's 50th birthday and I included some pictures of what one jewelry artist is creating with discarded Barbie parts. A friend of mine read the entry and told me I should make some Barbie-inspired things myself. He was so set on helping me do this that he brought me a bag of Barbies he had found at a little thrift store at the coast. Well, I have had this bag of Barbies - sans clothing - in my art studio for a few months now. Then yesterday a designer I work with asked me if I could spare a few of the dolls so she could use them in a craft project she is making for our CHA booth. Of course, yes!. Let me bring them in.............So, here they are, waiting to made into something fabulous. I will keep you posted!

1 comment:

Pattie Donham said...

Hey Girl! I am so happy that you gave me six of you crazy Barbies!

And, I would love for you to link to my blog page! See me at

The Barbies are going to morph into a great jewelry organizer...who knew?!



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