Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tie-dye: Crossing All Boundaries

If you are not aware of the tie-dye trend, you must be living in a very dark closet! It is such an obvious trend that I wasn't even going to blog about it. But I decided I just must because tie-dye is crossing all boundaries and playing a role in various trend styles. First of all, there's the whole 60's, Summer of Love, traditional tie-dye look that came back in style a few of years ago. Since that time tie-dye has morphed into the very chic, celebrity-fav "ombre" look - you know, the dip-dyed fabrics often in a monochromatic or a complimentary color palette.Examples of the ombre look are found at Victoria's Secret, Go Jane, Bloomingdale's, even Martha Stewart Living magazine (below) had a spread about the use of ombre as a DIY project for home decor. And don't think that ombre is just found on clothing. There are designer shoes, bags (below, Nordstrom's), and fashion accessories done in ombre. ICIO created a thin ombre-tinted flask to hold its trendy peppermint-flavored water. Cool flavor, cool look.Remember I said that tie-dye was crossing boundaries into other trends? Here's another example. Yesterday I was working on my weekly trend 'snapshot' for my company - it's a look at what is hot now - and my topic is the Native American look in fashion. It's all about earth tones, beads, fringe, and tribal patterns. I found some examples of tie-dyed garments that are beautiful in browns, greens and yellows in this month's Marie Claire magazine. It's probably not the color palette that pops into your head when you think tie-dye. But that's OK. The point is you can create the tie-dye look that best suits your trend style. It's the perfect summer project! Got a favorite old tee shirt or sun dress that has faded or is stained? Refashion it (another trend), giving it new life with dyes, crystals, and appliques for a stylish summer look. Wow, where can I get dye to update my wardrobe and add ombre chicness to my home, you ask? Check out all the wonderful Tulip One-Step Fashion Dye colors from Duncan. Or, visit your local Michael's, Jo Ann's or Wal-Mart to find our dye, paint and embellishment products. I promise you, dyeing will become addictive!

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Ceramic Diva said...

Hey Jen...I was cleaning out my closet making a pile of things I don't anymore, when I though how fabulous would these items be "refashioned". This has given me total inspiration! Thanks!


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