Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

First thing Saturday morning we got up and headed to Costco to pick out some beautiful flowers for my parents headstone. They share a headstone so they always get to share flowers, no matter whose occasion we are celebrating. I like visiting with them, bringing them seasonal flowers and checking in on them. I know they are really in Heaven, but I like having a place to go when I need to talk, tell them I am better. . . Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Well I had quite the interesting time this past Mother's Day weekend. My husband loves hot rods and rat rods and going to car shows around the valley to see them. He loves when the boys and I go with him, and so we go. . . On Saturday we went to The Wanderers 2nd Annual Car Show on Olive Avenue. It was fun to hang out with my guys and check out cool cars. I am a 'ghost flames' girl. I want some flames on my PT Cruiser. . . A girl can dream!I took my camera with me, intending to snap pics of the rods and my boys. Which I did. My husband's name is Lucky so he had to pose by this truck with a crate of 'Lucky Lager' in the back. My sons chose to pose with 'Mater' from "Cars."But I also really got into the genre of the people who were there. It was like 'indie meets 1940's-1950's pin-ups and street toughs.' Of course, the whole vintage look - from tattoos to fashion - is totally trendy right now. I had a great time wandering around, asking people if they minded that I take their picture. Everyone was really cool. The girls were all waiting to strut their stuff for the "Miss Pin-Up" contest, but didn't mind taking a moment to pose for me.
Across the street from the rods were parked some very sweet vintage Cadillacs. My husband is a Cadillac man and these babies were calling to him. He was bummed that he didn't drive his to the car show, opting to be gas-wise and take my Cruiser. He missed out on having others admire his Caddy, originally my mother's baby. Oh well, enough for one day. Gotta get ready for Mother's Day tomorrow.

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cinderelly said...

cool cars...i like flames too! but i think it's from growing up a fireman's kid, not 'cause it's trendy!


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