Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Native American

I first spotted this trend, or at least had the Indian headdress motif on my radar, at the 2008 Sourcing At MAGIC show in Las Vegas. I only saw 3 or 4 Native American images on men's tee shirts. But it was so different from the norm that I actually pointed it out to my companion. I came back from the show and waited to see if I was right about my hunch. In March I received my Free People catalog. Wow! The Indian headdress. Inside were many garments and accessories inspired by this trend. My excitement was building. About three weeks ago I put together a whole trend piece on the Native American vibe that is happening in fashion - the leather fringe, the exotic prints, the beaded jewelry, feathers - then I got really excited when I spied Elijah Wood in BUST Magazine wearing a tee shirt like I saw at MAGIC. Very cool! Men can get into this trend, too.

Just the other day I am perusing one of my favorite catalogs - Sundance - and they are featuring women's tee shirts with Cherokee words on them. The catalog describes their Cherokee Word Tees "As lyrical as the sentiments they express, ancient Cherokee characters spell out messages that will inspire power, grace and philosophical conversations." Hmmm............

To get more of the Native fix, check out this page from the May issue of Marie Claire magazine for some fashionable ways to "go native."

For Fall 2008, Anna Sui designed some tribal-inspired couture for the runway; exotic mixed prints, embroidery and all things fringed. Read and see more on the Teen Vogue Intern blog. I love the ombre dyed tees...You could be wearing that look tonight with the help of Tulip One-Step Fashion Dyes. So go Native.....Anna's got nothin' on you!


Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Hey Jen, I totally feel the headdress too! I wrote a little article about it for Etsy even. I loved that picture in the free people catalog. Oh and my friend and I are about to start a trend spotting blog called Badassical and the logo is a tiger in a headdress!!!!

The Trend Spot said...

Keep me posted on when Badassical debuts. I will definitely be cruising to your sight on a regular basis. It's fun to see if other trend sites are tracking with me. Keep visiting me, too!



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