Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Come correct"

Ok, so this morning I come into work and start my day, as I do everyday, by checking my calendar and my emails. I'm feeling good, I am on top of things....Then I open a message from V, my big boss - the boss my boss reports to - with this message: Jen... The next time we have an important visitor at Duncan, you'd better come correct. I was talking to Allee and she definitely agrees. Sorry Jen, it is what it is! See you tomorrow. V

I stared at the screen. 'Come correct'....what is she talking about??? Yes, we had important guests yesterday. Yes I was standing in someone else's cube when I was introduced. Hmmm, I did wear jeans yesterday, but so did others in the building. Obviously, V is joking. Of course! I must reply with an equally prankish response. As I begin typing my response I decide it is best not to assume anything. I will say something witty and then I will apologize, just in case. Brilliant! So I wrote: OK, I am lost. What are you talking about 'come correct'? Because I was wearing jeans? I have two explanations:
1) Allee is jealous of me and wants to be as fabulous as me. Obviously she is trying to take me down. (This is my response to you if this email is intended to be a prank.)
2) So sorry, it will never happen again. (This is my response if you are serious about my attire being inappropriate.) J

Within a few minutes this email came through from V: It was a joke... Allee told me about the *word for the day* from the Urban Dictionary... The other day, it was *come correct*..."to come out rightly... to speak or approach someone with respect, and not with undeniable ignorance... to do something the right way the first time to avoid being bitched by another..." I just thought it was a cool saying and Allee said you were aware of it so I told her I was going to use it on you last night!

Whew! Close call....So Allee and the Urban Dictionary are to blame for this little misunderstanding. I immediately realized that I need to be a daily subscriber to the 'word of the day' from the Urban Dictionary, even if it is rated-R at times. I also realized I better wear my jeans on casual Friday only - just in case. And lastly, when dealing with your boss, always 'come correct.'

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