Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blogging Blues and Blowing Smoke Rings

OK, to tell you the truth I am only blogging today out of pure guilt. Guilt at not blogging since the 18th. I have had a week overstuffed with work and trend reports and just LIFE getting in the way of my blogging! Am I alone here? I am sitting at my desk, in the middle of writing a trend report on Power Point and I start feeling like I better blog or I am bad. This reminds me of college when I would be studying for a mid-term and yet I would suddenly feel the need to wash my car. And I would. I would actually go outside and wash my car, then I'd study until daybreak. Anyway, I will be blogging about the Sourcing at MAGIC show very soon. I PROMISE! I just can't do it tonight because it is my birthday and my husband is taking me out to dinner. By the way, I did see more Boston Terrier motifs at the show. There was a way cool tote bag in a booth and at another a purse with a Boston on it. I am telling you, they are popping up everywhere! In January's Advertising Age, I found this Boston who was captured blowing smoke rings. I would let Gabby try that trick but she recently gave up smoking.

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