Friday, February 8, 2008

Road Trip

I am excited! Tomorrow I leave for Los Angeles to attend the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Show. My job is to walk the show and check out what is happening in 'craftland.' You can't walk the show just once. No, to truly get the vibe of the show you have make the rounds a few times, talk with vendors, do a few make-it-take-its. That way you see what's new, what's still hanging on and what may soon be on the horizon. It really is so much fun! This year it is going to be difficult for me to want to leave our Duncan booth. Seriously, we have some big things happening and some fabulous designers demonstrating each day. Kathy Cano Murillo, aka, the Crafty Chica, will be the bell of the craft ball. Her new Crafty Chica line is making its big debut and it is all about the glitter! We also have Traci Bautista demonstrating her unique painting and collage style. And our in-house designers Cheryl Ball and Alexis Sadler will be teaching the most fun things to make and take home. As if all that isn't exciting enough it gets even more exciting! I will be heading to Las Vegas the day before Valentine's Day to attend the phenomenal Sourcing At MAGIC show. It is the best place for seeing what is happening in fashion and accessory trends for the following season. My favorite part of the show in the past has been the PROJECT show. It features up-and-coming designers who are very much like the indie market vendors you would find at the STITCH and FELT shows. With all this creativity coming at me I am sure to have some choice trend morsels to share over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.....
Just for fun . . . I wanted to share a picture of my plate of beaded beads that my friend, Jonica, made for me. I talked about them in my first blog entry and then neglected to show them off. Aren't they fabulous? My fav is the blue one on the left. It has all these little bead clusters coming off of it, much like a sea anemone. Not only do they please the eye, they are also wonderful to touch. I pick one up every now and then and admire all the love my friend put into these little works of art.

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Joni(Johnny) said...

Thank you for your kind words about my beads! I am glad you enjoy them, that's the whole point!!


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